Friday, January 28, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is DealOn? is your personal gateway to great daily discounts on restaurants, spas, events and other amazing experiences from merchants in your area.
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  2. What happens after I purchase a deal?

    After you select "Purchase," your credit card will be processed for your purchase and your certificate will generally be available to be printed within 24-hours after you make your purchase.

    You can access your certificate at any time once the certificate is made available on your Account Page. On your Account Page, under your History tab, your Certificate Status will be listed as "Print Now" and the certificate is then available to be printed.

    Once you have obtained your certificate, simply present it to the merchant and enjoy the savings. It’s that easy!
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  3. What is your return policy?

    DealOn will provide a refund of the purchase price paid by you for any Deal within five (5) days after the purchase of a Certificate, provided that the Certificate has not yet been redeemed. After five days, DealOn does not provide refunds except that DealOn will provide a refund if you are unable to redeem a Certificate before the applicable redemption date of the Certificate because the relevant merchant has gone out of business.
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  4. What if I have a question about the certificate I purchased?

    The DealOn certificate(s) you receive are provided by the merchant. We ask that you please address all issues related to the products or services with the merchant.

    If for any reason you are unable to contact the merchant, please let us know at:
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  5. What about gifts?

    Unless stated otherwise in the deal details, DealOn certificates are fully transferrable. In fact, using them as a gift is a great idea. After you receive your certificate, just forward it or print it out and pass it on. It's a great way to share with family and friends.
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  6. Is it safe to use my credit card with DealOn?

    Absolutely - our site uses the latest in secure online transaction technology to ensure your credit card information is safe at all times. The secure padlock symbol in your browser confirms this. We do not store your credit card information on our servers at any time.
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  7. How do I get my certificate?

    You can access your certificate at any time after you've purchased on your Account Page. On your Account Page, under your History tab, your Certificate Status will be listed as "Print Now" and the certificate is then available to be printed.
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  8. When can I first use my certificate?

    Typically, you can use your certificate as soon as 24-hours after you have purchased your deal. Please check the "Deal Details" or "Fine Print" sections listed on your certificate for any outside limitations or restrictions on redemption periods. For deals that require online redemption, you may have to wait up to 48 hours to redeem.
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  9. When does my certificate expire?

    The certificate itself will indicate any applicable redemption dates. Generally, though, a certificate will have a Promotional Value Redemption Date (i.e., the date by which the Promotional Value must be redeemed), and a Paid Value Redemption Date (i.e., the date by which the Paid Value must be redeemed). If the merchant refuses to honor the certificate before the applicable redemption date, you should immediately notify DealOn, so that DealOn can seek to resolve the situation.
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  10. Do I need ID to redeem my certificate?

    It’s recommended you always bring a valid ID with you when redeeming your certificate - even if you received the certificate as a gift. The merchant may ask to see your name and/or other information to prevent fraud.
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  11. How are DealOn Credits awarded?

    A member is awarded $10 in credits to be used on in DealOn Credits for each person who clicks on that member’s unique referral link if that person makes their first purchase (via the unique referral link) within 72 hours of receipt of the unique referral link. The number of purchases made by this individual will not impact the quantity of DealOn Credits awarded to the member. DealOn Credits will be credited to member’s account the day after a purchase is made using member’s unique referral link.
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  12. How can I use my DealOn Credits?

    You can use your DealOn credit to purchase a deal or towards the purchase of a deal. Your DealOn credit balance is always displayed when you make a purchase. Simply choose how much of your DealOn credit you would like to use towards any purchase and only the remaining balance for the deal (if any) will be charged to your credit card.
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  13. Why do I keep receiving emails about deals in a different city?

    When you register an account or sign-up for the DealOn newsletter, you have the opportunity to choose your origin city, which determines the deals you are offered. If you would like to change your origin city, or add additional cities to your email subscriptions, you can do so on your Account page via a drop down menu located under your name.
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  14. How does the DealOn Gift Card work?

    The DealOn Gift Card is an electronic gift card and is the perfect way to send your friends or family a gift that can more than double its value (i.e. a $50 gift card can be used for a deal valued at $100)! It’s as easy as 1..2..3.

    1. Just sign into your account and customize a gift card with your name, the recipient's name and even a personalized message.
    2. Customize the gift card with the amount you’d like to send.
    3. Select your payment information and purchase.

    After the gift card is purchased, you can choose to print it out for the recipient or have it e-mailed to them.
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  15. What happens after I purchase an electronic gift card?

    Once you select "Purchase", your credit card will be processed and the electronic gift card will be emailed or available to print depending on the delivery method you’ve chosen. A copy of this gift card will also be sent to your email for your records.

    You can view, edit, re-send or re-print your purchase at any time on your Account page until the gift card has been redeemed.
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  16. How do I redeem my DealOn Gift Card?

    To redeem your gift card Sign In or Create an Account. Once you’re signed in, go to My Account page located at the top of the page. On your Account Page you can enter your Gift Card Code and your Balance History will automatically update with your gift card credit. You can apply your credited balance at any time for purchases made on
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  17. Where can I find further information regarding DealOn?

    Please see the DealOn Terms and Conditions, available at for further information.
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